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Our Goals

We love sports, all sports. aims to make sports accessible to thousands of people who would like to follow sports played in Malta. Maltese people have always followed local sports with enthusiasm and interest, but many feel that local sports is not being served by the media especially the less popular sports. Yet thousands of athletes are playing sports every week and their family, relatives, friends, colleagues, coaches and even agents would love to be able to follow their games from the comforts of their home. is about delivering live sport, live updates and even video on demand to sports in Malta. Advertising on will help us achieve that goal, quicker.

Advertising opportunities will be heavily publicised and marketed online using channels such as Facebook, and through the sports associations themselves. will reach thousands of people within months and our preliminary studies show that there is a large demand for live scores, live updates, real-time information, live streaming and also video on demand.

Through agreements with sports associations and governing authorities will strive to rope in more sports for our audience. This in turn will ensure a growing number of visitors to the website and to our Facebook page. will provide the following opportunities to advertisers:

  • 15 to 25 second clips embedded in our live streams and video on demand.
  • Advertiser name listed at the beginning and end of every live stream transmission and video on demand.
  • Video clip advertising on the homepage itself.
  • Banners with clickable links on various webpages of the website.
  • Monthly advert on our facebook page.
  • Dedicated page for the advertiser on
  • More.

Promise to advertisers

At we wish to focus our efforts on bringing more sports to our audience and we can only achieve this through long term business to business relationships with our advertising partners.

In this regard shall strive to create mutually beneficial agreements that provide real exposure to our partners. To achieve this we shall only consider medium to long term contracts with companies or entities that share our enthusiasm.

Only one advertising partner from the same business sector shall be accepted and therefore the first signing partner from any business sector shall enjoy exclusivity on is also about quality. We shall do our utmost to deliver quality video and quality information. Advertisers should put their mind at rest that every advert on shall be evaluated for quality as we believe that high quality adverts keeps the audience tuned in, maximising the investment of all our advertising partners.

More information

For more information about becoming an advertising partner kindly contact:

Orlando Bonnici on
Mario Camilleri on